About Us



Microtrol is a Canadian company specializing in the design and manufacturing of stage automation equipment for tours, theaters, cinema and worldwide events. In 2013, Microtrol became a partner of Show Canada Industries and has also integrated the premises of its Laval plant to allow a beneficial sharing of human and material resources in addition to allowing a complete operational synergy.



The Beginning


Founded in 1983 by Andre Beaudoin and Denis Chollet, Microtrol started as a turnkey system supplier of motion control systems for the industrial manufacturing sector. Customers such as Canadair, Rockwell Automotive and IBM are associated with our growth. Microtrol’s success is the result of a commitment to quality, innovation and service.



The Dream


Since the early 1990s, we have diversified our activities in the entertainment business. Microtrol is now a supplier of automated control equipment for touring, theatrical and show events around the world. From simple single axis to complex multi-axis applications, our services and products can provide complete integration to your automation needs. With our team of dedicated and knowledgeable personnel, we can help your team realize your dream from the first sketches until completion.



Get the Motors Running


Microtrol offers a standard line of high quality motion control systems and winches that are ruggedly built for the road. To protect our customers’ investment and insure long term product service and support, we use worldwide available components such as SEW Eurodrive, Siemens, Pilz and Jokab safety devices and Mayr brakes. Even our custom built pendants, consoles and desk use off-the-shelf electronics components. We also provide equipment rentals for studio training, special and large worldwide events.





We have a complete line of rental equipment for studio training, special events and large worldwide venues.



Safety Above All


At Microtrol, safety has always been the foundation of our engineering and our products. All our control systems use Category 4 Estop systems based on safety programming logic controls (PLC) from renowned suppliers. Our winches have redundant dual brakes with a 1.5 capacity factor. Our drive and control racks are CSA and UL approved. We also conform to SIL3 safety standards (Safety Integrity Level 3).